File Preparation

 Remember you are paying for a true custom print and seemingly minor adjustments add up to a whole lot when producing a great print. When I used to print optically on an enlarger I didn't say, "Do you want it color corrected, burned and dodged etc.", I just made the best print I could make. Testing and changes to the image are part of what comes with a custom print. Can things get out of control? Sure, but we'll talk about it if it gets to that point. There are a number of ways an image can be interpreted. We'll be working on one interpretation at a time.

Before you see the first proof, I will have made some basic adjustments such as density/contrast control, color correction saturation, subtle sharpening, burning and dodging when obvious. When you see the first proof we will note the changes you want and move on to making the final print if it's close. If it's not close we'll make another proof. In conclusion I don't charge for those type of things as long as they are within reason.

If I'm dealing with an artist whose image has multiple images put together, effects layering, masking, drastic image manipulation or multiple interpretations there will be extra charges which we'll discuss before I proceed.

Computer time for extras - $65.00 per hr