Photographers Who've Worked With Me

I've been in the Printmaking business for over 30 years and have worked with literally hundreds of clients in need of photographic services. These are some of the area photographers, both professional and amateur; I've had the pleasure to work with.

Steve Craig, Mike Regnier, Mike Rush, Pete Kelly, Jim Goss, Mike McMullen, David Ludwigs, Hollis Officer, Bill Snead, Glen Wans, Dan White, Nick Vedros, Bill Shapiro, Hank Young, David Morris, Ernie Block, Patty Reece, Bud Simpson, Judith Burgen, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Kathy Tracy, Michael Spillers, Peter Obetz, Joe Egnatic, Charles Porter, Ron Berg, Derek Porter, Kenny Johnson, Yvonne O'Brien, Kathy Ketner, Larry Schwarm, Chuck Kneyse, Tal Wilson, David Hutson, Mark McDonald, Scot Hepler, Don Wolf, Doug Hamer, Ben Weddle, Bob Greenspan, John Wakefield, Hartzell Gray, Mary Watkins, Bob Grier, Jim Swetnam, Al Surrat, Carol Grainger, Gary Sutton, Don Delphia, Deanna Dikeman, Laura Schultz, Patricia Duncan, Scot Cook, Angie Simmons, Mike Sinclair, Steve Curtis, E.G Schempf, Jon Blumb, Jeff Schotland, Dawn Boomsma, Deb Sauer, Mike Brunner, Eli Reichman, Bob Barrett, Tim Pott, John Blasdel, Rick McKibben, Corky Carrel, Megan Wyeth, Mark McCabe Bill Manginelli, Tony LaTona, Stephen Locke, Elaina Generally

Each one of these artists has a unique personality and communicating with each of them had its subtle differences. Printing for yourself is one thing, but Printmaking for others is a profession.